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FAQs for the Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement

Can individuals, groups or organizations from outside Memorial apply for these awards? 
The principal applicant must be a student, faculty member, or staff member at Memorial; this person is ultimately accountable to the Office of Public Engagement for administration of funds and reporting. External groups and organizations may be named as collaborators.
Are Memorial students eligible for these awards? 
A student may not apply as an individual but may be the principal applicant on behalf of a Memorial-based organization. In this case, the organization is ultimately accountable to the Office of Public Engagement for administration of funds and reporting. Please contact us before submitting your application to confirm eligibility.
Am I eligible to submit multiple applications in a competition round?
Yes, you may submit more than one application if you have not received funding under this program in this round. Please note however, that applicants may not receive funding for more than one project within a single round.

Am I eligible to submit another application after being awarded? 
Awarded applicants are not eligible for funding for more than one project in each round. They may, however, apply in subsequent years. Applicants who were funded in 2015 are eligible to apply in the 2016 round providing they have complied with the terms of their award and submitted all required reports.
Am I eligible to submit more than one application at one time (i.e., within a month)?
Yes, but your applications would be competing against each other (applicants may not receive funding for more than one project within a single round).
Can I re-submit if my application has not been successful?
Yes. We suggest that you contact us to discuss your application before resubmitting it.
Our project requires more than $1000. Can multiple applicants apply for funding for the same project?
No. Only one application per project is permitted.
I am a sessional instructor or contract employee and my contract will expire soon. Am I eligible to apply?
You may apply for funding if your contract end date is no less than three months after the project completion date. This period will allow enough time for report submission and the final fund transfer.

How do I submit an application?
Create an account and file your application through our on-line application portal:
Can I submit an application by email/mail/fax or other methods?
No, applications will only be accepted via our on-line application portal.
I submitted an application but did not receive a confirmation email. 
Check to see if you have completed your submission by selecting "Submit Quick Start Funds Application". Your application has been submitted if the status of both your application form and your submission is 'complete'.
If your submission is marked 'complete', check your email at the address provided for a message from; please also check your junk mail folder. If you have not received a confirmation email within 48 hours please contact us.
The dates/times associated with my application seem to be a few hours off. 
Please set your time zone in your account settings page within our on-line application tool.

Should I attach any documents or files to my application?
No attachments are requested in the application page; successful applicants may be asked to submit documents or photos as part of their final report. 
I don’t have enough money for my existing project. Can Quick Start help? 
The Quick Start fund is intended to encourage new initiatives, so existing projects are not eligible.
My project has just finished but we could use the money to cover incurred expenses. Can Quick Start help? 
Sorry, we do not fund projects retroactively.
Who should be my university supporter?
The university supporter agrees, on behalf of the applicant’s department or unit, to accept administrative responsibility for the fund. Applicants must have appropriate approvals in place before applying. Failure to secure appropriate support may render the application ineligible for funding.
For Faculty members, the university supporter will normally be your Dean or his/her designate.
For staff members, the university supporter will normally be your Dean or Director.
For organizations, please contact us to discuss the options.

Who are collaborators?
Collaborators are key individuals who are involved in the implementation of project; they can be from within or from outside the university. You are encouraged to identify at least one external collaborator.

What is an “external collaborator”?
Collaborators don't need to contribute money but will typically contribute time, expertise, participation and sometimes facilities or other supports. As an example, if you were holding a research forum, an external collaborator could be a person from an external organization who is on the planning committee or who has agreed to contribute their expertise in a presentation. We're looking for mutual contribution and mutual benefit, in line with the public engagement framework.
What is meant by “in-kind contribution”?
In-kind contributions are generally contributions from external partners/collaborators, but may also include internal in-kind contributions from your unit or organization that are over-and-above what they would normally provide for organized events.

What are the allowable uses of Quick Start funds? 
We are open to many different uses for the funds (except those noted in the awards guide) as long as these uses are justified, are appropriate for the proposed project, and conform to Memorial’s policies and procedures.
How are the funds administered? 
Funding for a successful project is transferred to the applicant's department or unit. The department/unit will reimburse the applicant for project-related expenses up to the total amount of the award.  

80% of the award is issued at the start of the project; the remaining 20% is issued on satisfactory completion of reports. In addition, the administering unit/department will receive an additional 10% of the total value of the award to be used at their sole discretion. 

When can I expect my application to be reviewed? 
We aim to review applications in the calendar month following submission of your application; depending on the date you submit your application, this can mean a wait of between 2 and 6 weeks for the review. You can expect to learn the outcome within two weeks after your application has been reviewed.   
Who reviews the applications? 
Applications are reviewed by a team made up of university and community members. The committee may be different for each round of assessments.
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